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Manvir Tiwana, Business Development Manager - Bio

By Bioline 13 January 2017
FManvir Tiwana

"I am a Business Development Manager for Bioline, responsible for academic and industrial accounts in London, Oxford, Cardiff and Swansea. It’s delightful to experience firsthand, in meetings, the differing dynamics the regions and institutions have; whilst some will focus on the technical aspects of our specific product lines, others will focus on what we can offer in Custom Solutions.

I have been with Bioline for almost five years and it has been great to see the company grow in so many ways. To have been a part of so many product launches and in knowing that it has been my friends in R&D responsible for the quality, makes me that much more passionate and proud of being a part of the team here. Receiving great feedback from my customers only amplifies this passion further. There is a great family feel here and living close to the office means I get enjoy coming in and catching up with good friends.

In my spare time, I am Chairman and loosehead prop for Ickenham Rugby Club. Responsible for 60 players and have a great committee to handle the fixtures, fitness, finances, marketing and social aspects of the club. The day after a game, I am usually recovering with some knitting projects."

Manvir Tiwana, Business Development Manager

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Simon Baker, Bioline Global R&D Director Discusses the Future of R&D

By Bioline 12 January 2017

Simon Baker PhD FRSB, is our Global R&D Director. In this video he takes the time to discusses the growth of R&D; our bigger team, new products, and strategies.

To watch our Values video,click here

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Rick L. Eberly discusses the Bioline Mission, Product Strategy and Values

By Bioline 7 January 2017

Richard L. Eberly the President, Chief Commercial Officer of Meridian Bioscience, Inc. discusses the Bioline mission, product strategy and the corporate values Bioline follows.

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ISOLATE II RNA Micro Kit Review

By Bioline 5 January 2017

Kelvin Tuong, Research Officer at Ian Frazer Lab, The Translational Research Institute (TRI), UQDI... Reviews ISOLATE II RNA Micro Kit, telling you why he chose it and why he will continue to use Bioline products.

For more information on ISOLATE II RNA Micro Kit, click here

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MyTaq™ DNA Polymerases Review

By Bioline 22 December 2016

James and Josh from the School Of Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland talk about why they choose to use our MyTaq™ DNA Polymerases.

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SensiFAST™ Products Review

By Bioline 22 December 2016

Daisy and Magda, both PhD researchers from Lens Research Lab at the University of Sydney are introduced to PCR and the SensiFAST™ product range.

Review: "We used the ISOLATE II RNA Micro Kit, SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit and SensiFAST SYBR® No-ROX Kit to perform our PCR and got excellent results. Our standard curves were great with r2 values over 0.99. Very impressed and pleased with this result, especially given it was our first time doing real-time PCR. Hope you like the video review we put together!"

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Customer Testimonial - Sharon Pok

By Bioline 29 November 2016

Thank you, Sharon Pok from the Australian National University Medical School, for a great review on our ISOLATE II RNA Mini Kit.

"I recently used the ISOLATE II RNA Mini Kit. I had some cultured cells which are derived after FACS, which are not very many, to extract RNA from. Because I had a small starting quantity (<1E6 cells), I wasn’t expecting an extremely high yield. However, I attained a relatively good yield from that small amount of starting sample. What also impressed me was the 260/280 and 260/230 ratios. I have been having trouble getting a good 260/230 ratio lately, probably because of residual guanidine not being washed off properly. With the kit, both ratios were well above 2.0. Waiting to run the samples on the Bioanalyzer to obtain RIN values."

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