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By Bioline: The PCR Company 5 December 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Bioline scientists know what it takes to perform successful PCR. Their detailed understanding of enzymes and buffer chemistry drives our PCR technologies. In this white paper, Choosing the Right DNA Polymerase: A Guide to Successful PCR, they share their insights with you.

Find out about the four basic properties of DNA polymerases:

  • Thermal Stability
  • Extension Rate
  • Fidelity
  • Processivity

Learn how different configurations of these properties result in different classes of DNA polymerase: Thermostable, hot-start (HS), and high-fidelity, as well as polymerases for amplifying long amplicons.

The paper also covers the two crucial components of successful PCR – an optimized reaction buffer and a high-quality, thermostable DNA polymerase and explains how these attributes can help you choose the best enzyme for your research requirements.

Get the inside track on choosing the right DNA polymerase to ensure successful PCR by downloading your copy of the white paper today.

Download the White Paper →

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