Competent Cell Selection Tool

Efficient DNA transformation of competent cells is essential for successful cloning applications. Bioline offers a wide range of E. coli host strains to meet your requirements. We maintain rigorous quality control standards to ensure lot-to-lot consistency and the highest transformation efficiencies possible.

Each E. coli host has different characteristics, and for optimal results, it is important to use the strain best suited to your application. The Bioline Competent Cell Selection Table below provides a summary of the efficiencies, traits and ideal applications for each Bioline Competent Cell strain.

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      Efficiency cfu/μg pUC19    

≥1 x 109 ≥1 x 108 ≥1 x 107 ≥1 x 109 ≥1 x 108 ≥1 x 109
        Competency     C C C C C C
        Strain Background     K12 K12 K12 K12 K12 K12
        Blue white screening (lacZ)
        Recombination deficient (recA)
      Endonuclease deficient (endA)

        Restriction deficient (hsdRK-)  
        Methyl restriction deficient
     (mcrA,mcrB, mrr)
        Single-strand ability (F'episome)          

      Ideal Applications

    C: Chemically Competent
    E: Electrocompetent

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