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To Access the Bioline Freezer On-Site:

1. Sign up for an access card using the form on this page
Your Bioline Account Manager will provide you with an access card to unlock the freezer.

2. Place your order on www.bioline.com making sure that you select 'Collect from Bioline On-Site Freezer' on the checkout screen.

3. Go to the Bioline freezer, swipe your access card to unlock, take out the product(s) you have ordered.
If you have any questions or problems please contact Bioline on:

Toll free: 1800 454 433
Phone: 02 9209 4180
Fax: 02 9209 4763

email: info.aust@bioline.com

If product is sold out we will despatch the next day and your product can be collected from the freezer or delivered straight to your lab.

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