IPTG Solution - Discontinued

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IPTG (Isopropyl ß-D-1-thiogalactopyranoside), is a molecular biology reagent. This compound is a molecular mimic of allolactose, a lactose metabolite that triggers transcription of the lac operon and it is therefore used to induce protein expression where the gene is under the control of the lac operator.

Features & Benefits

  • Induces E.coli lac operon activity - suitable for cloning and protein expression procedures
  • Dioxane free - does not disrupt normal cell function
  • >99.6% purity - confirmed by HPLC
  • Convenient - available as powder and stabilized stock solution


  • Blue/white color screening
  • Induction of lac operon for protein expression
  • Genes controlled by the lac or tac promotor/operator sequences are expressed to high levels in the presence of IPTG


Isopropyl-ß-D-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG) is a chemical analogue of galactose, which cannot be hydrolysed by the enzyme ß-Galactosidase. Hence, it induces the E. coli lac operon activity by binding and inhibiting the lac repressor without being degraded.Genes controlled by the lac or tac promoter/operator sequences are expressed to high levels in the presence of IPTG.

IPTG Solution is part of our Essentials range of products, which includes agaroses, buffers, PCR water and enhancers, antibiotic solutions, cloning reagents and protein digestion reagents.




IPTG Solution (in water)

1M (238mg/ml)

Storage & Stability

All components should be stored at -20°C upon receipt for optimum stability. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles should be avoided.

When stored under the recommended conditions and handled correctly, full activity of the reagents is retained until the expiry date indicated on the outer box label.

Shipping conditions

On Dry Ice or Blue Ice.

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