MyTaq™ DNA Polymerase

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BIO-21107 5000 Units $1,049.00
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MyTaq™ DNA Polymerase is a fast, very high-performance DNA polymerase designed to deliver outstanding results on a wide-range of templates.

Features & Benefits

  • New generation polymerase - for superior performance
  • Novel buffer system - optimized and including dNTPs and MgCl2
  • Robust - high-yield across a wide range of templates
  • Available with red dye - for direct gel loading
  • Convenient - all-in-one mastermix option available


  • Genotyping
  • Colony PCR
  • High-throughput PCR
  • Fast PCR reactions
  • GC-rich amplification


MyTaq™ is based on the latest technology in PCR enzyme preparation. The enzyme is engineered to increase affinity for DNA, resulting in significant improvements to yield, sensitivity and speed over native Taq DNA Polymerase.

The enzyme is supplied with an optimized buffer system, specifically formulated and validated for the unique properties of MyTaq, making it the perfect choice for complex templates. The buffer contains dNTPs, MgCl2 and enhancers at concentrations formulated to deliver the best results (fig. 1).


MyTaq is a trademark of Bioline.



500 Units

2500 Units

5000 Units

MyTaq DNA Polymerase

1 x 100µl

2 x 250µl

4 x 250µl

5x MyTaq Reaction Buffer

4 x 1ml

14 x 1.5ml

9 x 5ml



Storage & Stability

All components should be stored at -20°C upon receipt for optimum stability. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles should be avoided.

When stored under the recommended conditions and handled correctly, full activity of the reagents is retained until the expiry date indicated on the outer box label.

Shipping conditions

On Dry Ice or Blue Ice.

One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that incorporates 10nmoles of dNTPs into acid insoluble form in 30 minutes at 72°C

Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

Certificates of Analysis for MyTaq™ DNA Polymerase are grouped by catalogue number and then listed by batch number. Larger pack sizes are listed first. To locate the COA for your product, first find the catalogue number and then the required batch number.

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  1. High Resolution Melting Analysis Is a More Sensitive and Effective Alternative to Gel-Based Platforms in Analysis of SSR - An Example in Citrus
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  2. Iterative species distribution modelling and ground validation in endemism research: an Alpine jumping bristletail example
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  3. Pleistocene survival on central Alpine nunataks: genetic evidence from the jumping bristletail Machilis pallida
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  4. Characterisation of candidate nuclear genes for species delineation in the genus Cherax
    Pavasovic A., Hair C., Amin S., Hurwood D.A., Prentis P.J.
  5. Response of soil microbial communities to contrasted histories of phosphorus fertilisation in pastures
    Wakelin S., Mander C., Gerarda E., Jansab J., Erbb A., Younga S., Condronc L., O’Callaghana M

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Customer Testimonials

We use MyTaq DNA Polymerase for our mouse colony PCR screening. My established PCR protocols almost always work, and the run is shorter. Even new PCR protocols are much easier to establish since this polymerase is more "robust" then many others. We found that in several instances, if nothing works, this polymerase does.
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"MyTaq performed better than our current Taq polymerase on various mammalian nuclear and mitochondrial DNA targets, non-specific priming was reduced while sensitivity and yield were improved."
"Much better amplification was observed with MyTaq (than GoTaq) when all other conditions were equivalent."
"MyTaq produced a brighter band than the iTaq. Specificity appeared the same."
"MyTaq DNA Polymerase “We like it.""
"There is a little less smearing with MyTaq and there is a higher yield."
"MyTaq proved to have better sensitivity and reproducibility: reliable and easy to use."
"With MyTaq polymerase we were able to clone and verify sequence to a herpes virus that we otherwise would have had to give up on using any other polymerase."
"Studying pollen-mediated gene flow means I have very limited sample volumes, MyTaq is the only polymerase I have found that can cope with this efficiently."

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