New Products

New Products

EPIK™ miRNA Panel Assays

The unique priming of the EPIK™ miRNA Assays confers distinct advantages over other approaches to miRNA detection. EPIK miRNA Assays use modified stem-loop, miRNA-specific oligonucleotide mediated reverse transcription and hemi-nested real-time PCR, combined with SensiSMART™ and SYBR® Green, offering remarkable sensitivities as well as extremely low background, thereby enabling the accurate detection of very low input miRNA levels and accurate discrimination of even very closely related miRNA targets.

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  • MyTaq™ Extract-PCR Kit

    MyTaq™ Extract-PCR Kit

    MyTaq Extract-PCR Kit offers a quick and easy alternative for the extraction and amplification of DNA from a variety of tissues types, especially those from mouse.

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    Nucleic Acid Isolation

    ISOLATE II Kits are designed to make it easier to obtain greater yields of the highest quality nucleic acids and are the perfect match for all downstream applications that require extreme sensitivity and reproducibility.

  • Hyperladder


    Two new HyperLadders - HyperLadder 1kb Plus and HyperLadder 100bp Plus
    New names of its existing HyperLadders, to make it easier to find the right ladder
    Ready-to-use format

  • SensiFAST™ HRM Kit

    SensiFAST™ HRM Kit

    SensiFAST HRM has been developed using the latest advances in buffer chemistry and enhancers, together with an antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase system, to ensure that the SensiFAST HRM Kit delivers fast, reproducible, highly-specific and ultra-sensitive HRM analysis.

  • MyFi™ DNA Polymerase

    MyFi™ DNA Polymerase

    MyFi™ is a newly developed, antibody-mediated, hot-start enzyme with unique properties, that offers 3.5x higher fidelity than native Taq and enhanced sensitivity and specificity, making MyFi a superior choice for cloning.

  • RANGER DNA Polymerase

    RANGER DNA Polymerase

    RANGER DNA Polymerase is a hot-start enzyme, possessing 5´-3´ DNA polymerase and 3´-5´ proofreading exonuclease activities, thus offering both high-fidelity and enhanced specificity.

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