PCR Enzyme Selection Tool

Each polymerase has different characteristics, so it is crucial to choose the enzyme that suits your individual experiment. Bioline polymerases are available individually but some are also supplied as convenient ready-to-use 2x reaction mixes containing the polymerase of choice plus dNTPs, MgCI2 and further additives to achieve optimal reaction conditions.

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MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase MyTaq DNA Polymerase MyFi DNA Polymerase RANGER DNA Polymerase  VELOCITY DNA Polymerase ACCUZYME DNA Polymerase
Template Length ≤5kb ≤5kb ≤10kb ≤25kb ≤10kb ≤5kb
High Specifity PCR
Pre Mix
Direct Loading
Standard PCR
Long PCR
Fast PCR
Multiplex PCR
GC-Rich Templates
Low-Copy PCR
Universal Polymerases
Bisulfite PCR
TA Cloning
Blunt-End Cloning
Colony PCR
Best choice Recommended Suitable

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