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Sequence Utilities
Name (not necessary):  
Nucleotide sequence without name:
(case insensitive, disregarded all letters except: agctuswrymkhbdvn)
gap simbols are: "nn nn", "nn·nn", "nn.nn"

as in original seq.
T       U

preserve gaps?
no    yes

Output: nucleotides in one line;
display the initial sequence;
display the initial sequence in the opposite (3' --> 5') direction;
display complementary sequence in 5' --> 3' direction;
display complementary sequence in 3' --> 5' direction;.
display double stranded sequence.

This tool is useful for manipulating nucleic acid sequences (reverse, reverse/complement, and double stranded). It is possible to perform several manipulations simultaneously. Sequences can be read aloud using the "Reading Aloud" tool.

For the translation of nucleic acids use "Six-Frame Translation" tool. "Rare codon Search" tool to display any rare codons.

Standard symbols for polymorph nucleotides:


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