Real-Time PCR Seminars

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Bioline Real-Time PCR Seminar Tours

Who will benefit from attending?

Both beginners and more advanced real-time PCR users. The first talk will give a basic overview of real-time PCR and experimental design of real-time PCR applications. The second talk is for more advanced users and will go into optimization, quantification and troubleshooting.

What customers say about our real-time PCR kits...

“What was a problem before now works perfectly! I tried several SYBR Green Kits but SensiMix SYBR worked best.”

– Justus-Liebig University Giessen

“SensiMix has been reliable, reasonably priced and by far the most efficient mastermix in our core facility.”

– Garvan Institute
Darlinghurst NSW, Australia

“I have tried and tested popular brands of qPCR mixes and found SensiMix to be the most sensitive, reliable and best value.”

– Department of Pharmacology
University of Cambridge

“I have tried multiple master mixes to optimize my qPCR with complex environmental sample. With Bioline's SensiFAST I was able to dramatically boost my efficiencies and increase reproducibility. In addition, I found that multiple primer pairs produced cleaner products with improved melting curves.”

– Microbiology Graduate Group
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

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