Your Proven Partner for Cancer Research

The identification of cancer related genes is the first step in personalized, targeted therapies. Studies of genetic, epigenetic and gene expression signatures in cancer are driving a ‘bench to bedside’ approach, translating basic laboratory discovery into patient benefits.

For over 20 years Bioline has been helping global cancer research centers in the drive to understand fundamental cancer cell biology, catalyze novel biomarker discovery, and accelerate translational studies.

Whether you require industry-leading solutions for high-quality nucleic acid isolation, molecular genetic profiling, or tried and trusted kits for preclinical and biobank genotyping, Bioline is your proven partner for cancer research.

Bioline reagents are routinely used in the following Cancer Research centres:

  • • Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA
  • • CRUK Cambridge Institute, Cambridge, UK
  • • Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, UK
  • • CRUK London Research Institute, London, UK
  • • Garvan Institute, Sydney, Australia
  • • Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne, Australia

Key Solutions for Cancer Research

Product Ranges for Cancer Research

Reagents Used by Cancer Researchers Worldwide

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