JetSeq™ NGS Library Preparation Kits

Conferring high sensitivity, speed and efficiency to the sequencing of DNA.

Bioline JetSeq NGS Library Preparation Kits are designed to generate high-quality next generation sequencing (NGS) libraries suitable for sequencing on Illumina® instruments.

  • Increased sensitivity for limiting amounts of input sample
  • Improved yield from fewer steps, reducing risk of sample loss
  • Faster protocol for earlier results and increased throughput
  • Reliable library preparation from even very challenging samples
  • Flexibility: an all-in-one 16 sample PCR kit for low throughput and target capture, a PCR-free kit for high-throughput and a PCR kit for use with limited starting material

JetSeq™ DNA Library Preparation Kit

JetSeq™ ER and Ligation Kit

JetSeq™ Flex DNA Library Preparation Kit

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