EPIK™ Amplification Kit - Discontinued

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EPIK Amplification Kit is a new generation hot-start PCR kit specifically engineered to deliver highly reliable, ultra-sensitive amplification from bisulfite-modified template DNA.

EPIK Amplification Kit features a novel buffer system, EPIKORE™ that has been specially engineered to overcome problems associated with bisulfite-modified, uracil-containing DNA templates, to offer significant improvements in reliability, yield and sensitivity compared to existing epigenetic kits on the market.

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding reliability - engineered for best-in-class epigenetic analysis time after time
  • Unique EPIKORE buffer system - optimized for amplification of bisulfite-modified DNA
  • Engineered to amplify all fragments - with low, medium and high GC content without bias
  • Hot-start system - powered by MyTaq™ HS for high specificity
  • Enhanced polymerization - for longer amplicons
  • Higher yield - even with low DNA template


  • Bisulfite-modified, uracil containing DNA (up to 1.5kb)
  • Difficult DNA templates e.g. GC-rich
  • Bisulfite-restriction PCR e.g. COBRA
  • Bisulfite-sequencing PCR (Sanger, oxBS-seq, TAB-seq, NOME-seq)
  • Bisulfite NGS library preparation (Whole Genome, RRBS)
  • Pyrosequencing assays
  • TA cloning


EPIK Amplification Kit has been specifically engineered for amplification of bisulphite-modified DNA and features a the dedicated buffer system (EPIKORE™), designed to overcome the problems associated with bisulfite-modified, uracil-containing DNA templates such as template degradation and uracil stalling. EPIK Amplification Kit offers significant improvements in reliability, yield and sensitivity leading to far greater PCR success rates.

EPIK delivers truly unrivalled, market-leading performance, even with longer amplicons (1.5kb) (Fig. 1). Furthermore, EPIK offers significantly improved amplification success rates even with low template concentrations (<0.5ng) of bisulfite-modified DNA (Fig. 2).

Powered by MyTaq™ HS and EPIKORE™ technology, the high speed and enhanced specificity of EPIK™ Amplification Kit makes it highly suited for high-throughput epigenetic assays and the very latest bisulfite sequencing applications.


EPIKORE is a trademark of Bioline.


EPIK Amplification Mix



Storage & Stability

EPIK Amplification Kit can be stored for up to 12 months at -20°C, or up to 2 weeks at +4°C. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles should be avoided.

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