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Customer Testimonial - Tennille Sibbritt

By Bioline March 15, 2017

Thank you, Tennille Sibbritt from the Children's Medical Research Institute - Embryology Unit, for a great review on our SensiFAST™ SYBR® No-ROX Kit.

"I am preparing samples for RNA-seq using a protocol that has been optimised for low input samples. I performed a qPCR on two housekeeping genes (Actb and Tbp) as a quality control step to ensure good amplification of these genes before proceeding to library preparation. I initially performed the qPCR using a combination of Taq and SYBR, which led to Ct values of 20-22 for Tbp and 23-26 for Actb. I repeated this qPCR using the 200 L sample of SensiFAST SYBR No ROX master mix I received. This worked very well and was quite sensitive. The Ct values for Tbp were 19-20 and for Actb were 17-19, while the no template control had minimal amplification. I plan on using SensiFAST SYBR No ROX master mix in the future, especially since it is substantially cheaper than what I was previously using."

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Customer Testimonial - Joey Liu

By Bioline November 21, 2016

Thank you, Joey Liu from Ohio State University, for a great review on our SensiFAST™ SYBR® No-ROX Kit.

"The performance of the SensiFAST™ SYBR® No-ROX Kit is robust. We have used it with ABI 7900 and Roche LightCycler 480 for gene expression for a while. The studies include a variety of human and mouse primary cells and cell lines. We are very happy with the kit because of its sensitivity and repeatability and will continue to go with it."

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