Mic - Personal qPCR Cycler Accessories

Cat No. Size List Price* Qty  
BMS-MIC-BA Bluetooth Antenna $140.00
BMS-MIC-TC Tube Clamp $140.00
BMS-MIC-CT Capping Tool $140.00
BMS-MIC-PA Power Adaptor $280.00
*For more information on pricing please contact us

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The world’s first Magnetic Induction qPCR Cycler.
The box is small. The ideas are big.

Features & Benefits

  • Miscellanious spare parts


Loading Block

Allows for convenient loading of the tubes with reagents and samples.

Capping Tool

Allows for easy capping of the caps to the tubes.

Power Adaptor

External power supply for the instrument.

Tube Clamp

Ensures tubes and caps are locked into place inside the rotor.

Bluetooth Antenna

Enables Bluetooth® communication with the PC.

To view the full range of Mic support materials available, please visit mic-qpcr.com or .

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