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ISOLATE II RNA/DNA/Protein Kit is designed for the sequential isolation of high quality total RNA (including small RNA), genomic DNA and total protein from a single sample without splitting the lysate, for highly reliable analysis of the transcriptome, genome and proteome.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid, phenol-free workflow - reliably purify RNA/DNA/Proteins from a single sample in ≤30 mins
  • Novel separation matrix - superior yields of high quality molecules
  • Complete diversity of RNA - all sizes of RNA recovered from mRNA to miRNA/siRNA
  • Purify small samples - sequential isolation ideal for precious or small biopsy material
  • DNase I included for complete removal of genomic DNA in RNA purification


Isolation of total RNA (including small RNA)/DNA/Protein from:
  • Mammalian tissue
  • Eukaryotic cell lines
  • Bacteria, yeast, fungi
  • Blood and other biofluids
Pure, isolated molecules ready for all downstream applications such as real-time RT-PCR, RT-PCR, RNA-seq, genotyping, 2D gel electrophoresis, Western blotting, SDS-PAGE and Mass Spectrometry.


ISOLATE II RNA/DNA/Protein Kit is a specially developed 3-in-1 kit that provides a rapid method for the sequential isolation and purification of high quality total RNA (including small RNA), genomic DNA and protein from a single sample of cultured cells, mammalian tissue, biofluids (including saliva, urine, semen and blood), bacteria, yeast, fungi or plants.

ISOLATE II RNA/DNA/Protein Kit is ideal for the isolation of macromolecules from precious or small samples such as biopsy materials or single foci from cell cultures, as it eliminates the need to fractionate the sample. Furthermore, analysis becomes more reliable since the RNA, DNA and proteins are derived from the same sample (i.e. purified molecules are from the same population of cells being studied).

ISOLATE II RNA/DNA/Protein Kit allows convenient processing of multiple samples in 30 minutes, utilizing a two-column system. Genomic DNA is bound to the first column while the total RNA and proteins are removed in the flow-through. The bound DNA is then washed and highly purified DNA is eluted. The flow-through is then loaded onto the second column, where total RNA is bound while the proteins are removed in the flow-through. The bound total RNA is washed and purified RNA is eluted (fig. 1 and 2). Proteins are rapidly purified and eluted using the column.

ISOLATE II RNA/DNA/Protein Kit allows for highly reliable integrative analysis of the transcriptome, genome and proteome, since the RNA, DNA and proteins are derived from the same sample and the same cell population. The purified nucleic acids and proteins are of the highest purity and integrity and can be used in a wide variety of downstream applications including expression profiling, miRNA profiling, siRNA gene silencing studies, novel biomarker discovery, epigenetics, genotyping, transgenic analysis and cell line characterization.


Reagent 50 Reactions
ISOLATE II RNA/Protein Columns 50
Elution Tubes (1.7ml) 150
Elution Tubes (1.7ml) 150
Lysis Buffer TX 40ml
Wash Buffer W1 (Concentrate) 2 x 38ml
Wash Buffer W2 (Concentrate) 15ml
Wash Buffer W3 30ml
DNase I Reaction Buffer DRB 6ml
DNase I Solution (RNase-free) 0.8ml
RNA Elution Buffer 6ml
DNA Elution Buffer 6ml
Protein Elution Buffer 8ml
Protein Binding Buffer 8ml
Protein Neutralization Buffer 4ml
Protein Loading Dye 2ml
Product Manual 1
Bench Protocol Sheet 1

Storage & Stability

The DNase I Solution should be stored at -20°C upon arrival. All other components should be stored dry and at room temperature.

When stored under the recommended conditions and handled correctly, full activity of reagents is retained until the expiry date indicated on the outer box label.

Shipping conditions

Ambient temperature

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Customer Testimonials

I found the ISOLATE II RNA/DNA/Protein Kit very easy to use, the sample preparation was quick, efficient and a more streamlined protocol compared to other commercially available kits, yielding high quality products with superior separation.
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"This kit (ISOLATE II RNA/DNA/Protein) means we would require less plates of cells, less steps in dividing up a sample (such as tissue) and most importantly time in sample prep."

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