MyTaq™ Plant-PCR Kit

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MyTaq™ Plant-PCR Kit offers fast, highly-specific, direct PCR from a wide range of plant leaf samples. The novel buffer system circumvents the need for additional PCR stabilizers and traditional purification steps, thereby avoiding a complex extraction process.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast - eliminate complex, slow and costly DNA extraction steps, thereby reducing time to results
  • Robust- specially developed to overcome common plant-derived PCR inhibitors such as polyphenolics and polysaccharides for highest PCR success rates and improved sensitivity
  • Versatile - perfect for a wide range of plant species, avoiding the need for further optimization, thereby minimizing setup time and reducing cost
  • Streamlined workflows - ideal for fast genotyping in plant genetic studies, mutation detection, confirming transgenic plant and knockout analysis


  • Genotyping for plant genetic study
  • Mutation detection
  • Transgenic detection
  • Knockout analysis


MyTaq™ Plant PCR Kit is a ready-to-use 2x mix for fast, specific and direct PCR from a wide range of plant leaf samples. The novel buffer system replaces the need for complicated extraction or purification steps, including freezing of plant tissues with liquid nitrogen, mechanical disruption, organic extraction or column DNA purification. The advanced formulation of MyTaq Plant-PCR Kit also allows fast cycling conditions to be used, without compromising PCR specificity and yield.

MyTaq Plant-PCR Kit has been developed to tolerate the PCR inhibitors typically present in plant samples, including polyphenolics and polysaccharides, thereby delivering significantly improved assay sensitivity and reproducibility (fig. 1). MyTaq Plant-PCR Kit increases amplification success rates from different plant types (fig. 2) and its speed and high specificity makes it ideal for high-throughput genotyping assays.

Based on a recent survey of MyTaq Plant-PCR Kit users, the kit has delivered highly-successful PCR results with a broad range of plant species. These species include tomato, corn, sugar cane, rice, wheat, rosemary, cotton, Saw-sedge, tobacco, citrus, Kangkong, Arabidopsis, cranberry, primrose, blueberry, American bellflower and several grass and fungus species.

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The MyTaq Plant-PCR Kit has been designed to give excellent PCR result from even the most challenging samples. The range of species tested by our partners is expanding rapidly. Email for any data we have on your target species.


MyTaq is a trademark of Bioline.



250 Reactions

500 Reactions

MyTaq Plant-PCR Mix, 2x

5 x 1250 μl

10 x 1250 μl



Storage & Stability

MyTaq Plant-PCR Kit can be stored at -20°C. Repeated freeze/thaw cycles should be avoided. When stored under the recommended conditions and handled correctly, full activity of the kit is retained until the expiry date printed on the outer box label.

Shipping conditions

On dry or blue ice.

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