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TRIsure™ is a ready-to-use reagent, for the isolation of separate fractions of RNA, DNA and proteins from cell and tissue samples of human, animal, plant, yeast, or bacterial origin, within one hour.

Features & Benefits

  • High yield - column-free extraction
  • Rapid - isolation of high-quality RNA, DNA or protein in 60 minutes
  • Convenient - perfect for a wide variety cells, tissues and bacteria
  • Ultra-pure - isolated material is ready for downstream applications


  • Purified RNA is ideal for any downstream application such as RT-PCR, one-step RT-PCR, in vitro translation, Northern blotting, RNase protection assays or dot blot hybridization
  • Purified DNA can be used for PCR real-time PCR and Southern blotting
  • Purified protein can be used for Western blotting, recovery of some enzymatic activity and some immunoprecipitation


TRIsure™ allows the user to perform sequential precipitation of RNA, DNA and proteins from a single sample. After homogenizing the sample with TRIsure, the homogenate is allowed to separate into three phases: an aqueous phase (upper), an organic phase (lower) and an interphase. The RNA is extracted from the aqueous phase by isopropyl alcohol precipitation (fig. 1). The highly effective RNase inhibitory property of TRIsure protects the integrity of the RNA during lysis and results in the isolation of high-quality material. DNA is precipitated from the organic layer with ethanol. Protein is precipitated from the phenol-ethanol supernatant by isopropyl alcohol precipitation.


TRIsure is a trademark of Bioline.





TRIsure reagent



Storage & Stability

All kit components should be stored at +4°C upon receipt. When stored under the recommended conditions and handled correctly, full activity of the kit is retained until the expiry date on the outer box label.

Shipping conditions

TRIsure is shipped at room temperature.

Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

Certificates of Analysis for TRIsure™ are grouped by catalogue number and then listed by batch number. Larger pack sizes are listed first. To locate the COA for your product, first find the catalogue number and then the required batch number.

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Customer Testimonials

Our research applications require large amounts of bacterial RNA. We changed to Bioline’s 'TriSure' as we found it provided comparable yield, purity and ease of use at a very competitive price.

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