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  • MyTaq™ DNA polymerase – a quantum leap in PCR

    28 January 2011 No comments

    London, United Kingdom

    Bioline: The PCR Company announces the worldwide release of its MyTaq™ DNA polymerase family, a new generation of 8 different hot-start and standard PCR products, developed by Bioline and tailor-made to produce outstanding results, even with complex genomic DNA.

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    MyTaq is the result of 18 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of PCR enzymes and uses the latest technology in PCR enzyme preparation and antibody-based hot-start technology to give world-class performance.

    MyTaq is engineered to increase affinity for DNA, resulting in significant improvements to yield, sensitivity and speed of reactions. The enzyme is supplied with a novel, industry-leading buffer system, containing dNTPs and MgCl2 that are specifically formulated and validated for the unique properties of MyTaq. All these factors make MyTaq the perfect choice for all hot-start and standard PCR assays.

    Robust amplification of GC-rich human genomic DNA

    The unique properties of MyTaq can be used for all routine applications and the hot-start antibody makes MyTaq HS perfect for fast-PCR, colony-PCR, multiplexing and use with automation.

    The MyTaq family is available as a stand-alone DNA polymerase, DNA polymerase with red dye, and all-in-one mastermixes, for hot start and standard PCR assays.MyTaq Product Family

    To order a sample of MyTaq, or to find out detailed product information and download MyTaq application notes, please visit: