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  • 21 April 2015

    New ISOLATE II RNA kits

    Go phenol-free
    Based on the latest developments in silica membrane spin column technology and optimized buffer chemistry, with simple bind wash elute steps; the new Bioline ISOLATE II Purification Kits are designed for rapid, phenol free isolation of highest quality nucleic acids, including miRNA, even from samples that are difficult to process. By using ISOLATE II Kits, researchers can expect superior yields, higher purity and integrity when compared to the previous generation of purification kits, as well as safe and convenient handling without the use of toxic chemicals.

    Improved and unbiased recovery
    All five kits offer significantly improved and unbiased recovery of small RNA molecules, including miRNA and siRNA, to give highly accurate results. In contrast, widely used phenol-chloroform based methods involve laborious separation and precipitation steps and can introduce significant bias in small RNA recovery. The new kits also efficiently purify high-quality large RNA species such as mRNA.

    Marco Calzavara, President of Bioline commented,

    New ISOLATE II RNA kits“With the additional five kits to the ISOLATE II nucleic acid purification range, researchers can achieve the purity and yield necessary for unbiased cDNA synthesis, high performance real time RT PCR and highly accurate RNA sequencing. This makes ISOLATE II the perfect starting point for a wide array of downstream applications including miRNA expression profiling and quantification, biomarker discovery, viral screening, pathogen detection, and agribiotech research."

    The five new ISOLATE II miRNA and RNA Purification Kits are available now for a wide range of starting samples and tissue types.

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