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  • Customer Testimonial - Tennille Sibbritt

    15 March 2017

    Thank you, Tennille Sibbritt from the Children's Medical Research Institute - Embryology Unit, for a great review on our SensiFAST™ SYBR® No-ROX Kit.

    "I am preparing samples for RNA-seq using a protocol that has been optimised for low input samples. I performed a qPCR on two housekeeping genes (Actb and Tbp) as a quality control step to ensure good amplification of these genes before proceeding to library preparation. I initially performed the qPCR using a combination of Taq and SYBR, which led to Ct values of 20-22 for Tbp and 23-26 for Actb. I repeated this qPCR using the 200 L sample of SensiFAST SYBR No ROX master mix I received. This worked very well and was quite sensitive. The Ct values for Tbp were 19-20 and for Actb were 17-19, while the no template control had minimal amplification. I plan on using SensiFAST SYBR No ROX master mix in the future, especially since it is substantially cheaper than what I was previously using."

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    Customer Testimonial - Sharon Pok

    29 November 2016

    Thank you, Sharon Pok from the Australian National University Medical School, for a great review on our ISOLATE II RNA Mini Kit.

    "I recently used the ISOLATE II RNA Mini Kit. I had some cultured cells which are derived after FACS, which are not very many, to extract RNA from. Because I had a small starting quantity (<1E6 cells), I wasn’t expecting an extremely high yield. However, I attained a relatively good yield from that small amount of starting sample. What also impressed me was the 260/280 and 260/230 ratios. I have been having trouble getting a good 260/230 ratio lately, probably because of residual guanidine not being washed off properly. With the kit, both ratios were well above 2.0. Waiting to run the samples on the Bioanalyzer to obtain RIN values."

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    Ana Maria Calcagno, Senior Scientist - Bio

    22 November 2016
    Ana Maria Calcagno

    "I have been part of the team here at Bioline for the last four years. Before being employed for Bioline I worked for many years in academia, and moving into the industry 4 years ago was a challenge.

    Bioline offered me the opportunity to develop and grow in a new direction; I became a more flexible, practical and effective researcher. Now, applying scientific principles to develop and enhance products, tools, and technological advances in different fields has become a passion of mine!

    It is inspiring to see how the company has grown over the past four years. Knowing that we are passionate, innovative, striving to exceed expectations and making positive changes inside and out makes it an exciting company to be a part of.

    I am looking forward to continuing to develop myself as a senior scientist; developing exciting products, which will make bench work easier and more enjoyable of an experience for our users

    Ana Maria Calcagno, Senior Scientist

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    Customer Testimonial - Joey Liu

    22 November 2016

    Thank you, Joey Liu from Ohio State University, for a great review on our SensiFAST™ SYBR® No-ROX Kit.

    "The performance of the SensiFAST™ SYBR® No-ROX Kit is robust. We have used it with ABI 7900 and Roche LightCycler 480 for gene expression for a while. The studies include a variety of human and mouse primary cells and cell lines. We are very happy with the kit because of its sensitivity and repeatability and will continue to go with it."

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    Customer Testimonial - Kwan Tzu Nin

    15 November 2016

    Thank you, Kwan Tzu Nin from The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, for a great review on our MyTaq™ Extract-PCR Kit.

    "MyTaq™ Extract-PCR Kit was effective and efficient for high throughput genotyping using as little as 1 mg of fish fin clip samples"

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    Customer Testimonial - Kelly Condon

    10 October 2016

    Thank you, Kelly Condon from James Cook University, for a great review on our Tetro cDNA Synthesis Kit and SensiFast SYBR and Probe mixes.

    "Having used the Bioline Tetro cDNA Synthesis Kit and SensiFast SYBR and Probe mixes in our research for the past 2-3 years, I have no hesitation in recommending them. Besides offering great economy in purchase costs, the reagents perform with great accuracy, sensitivity and consistency in our assays which gives us great reproducibility in our results."

    Customer Testimonial - Benson Lindsey

    6 October 2016
    MyTaq Plant Data

    Thank you, Benson Lindsey from The Ohio State University, for a great review on our MyTaq Plant Direct PCR Kit.

    "We tested the MyTaq Plant Direct PCR Kit in our Arabidopsis genotyping workflow. It saved us a lot of time by cutting out the tedious isolation of genomic DNA from leaves. We got consistent results using both the direct leaf protocol and the difficult samples protocol using SDS. We found that lysed leaf samples in SDS could be stored at -20 oC and reused multiple times over several weeks, with no discernible loss of quality. We also were able to use MyTaq Plant Direct PCR Kit to 'rescue' genomic DNA, resulting from poor quality isolations that would not amplify with other polymerases.

    MyTaq Plant Direct PCR Kit performed better than the competing product we tried. While both kits provided comparable amplification in a 50 mL reaction, only the MyTaq Plant Direct PCR Kit was able to amplify directly from leaf tissue in a 25 mL reaction."