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  • 2nd qPCR and Digital PCR Congress 2014, London

    13 September 2014 No comments

    Bioline are pleased to be sponsoring and exhibiting at the 2nd qPCR and Digital PCR Congress in London, England on 20th and 21st October.

    The meeting brings together key opinion leaders from industry and academia, and covers a range of important topics in real-time PCR, including:

    • MIQE guidelines and standardization
    • Quality control of real-time PCR assays
    • Real-time PCR assay design, optimisation and validation
    • Pathogen detection and quantification
    • Sample preparation and quality control
    • Single cell expression analysis
    • Clinical and drug development applications
    • miRNA, ncRNA, siRNA applications
    • Bioinformatics and data analysis

    Case studies in infectious diseases, vaccines, cancer, prenatal diagnosis, diagnostic and clinical applications, microbiology, food microbiology, plant and ecological genomics, as well as other novel applications will be presented.

    A special session at the congress will be devoted to plant breeding, plant genomics and applied food and plant pathogen testing:

    • Plant and ecological genomics
    • Detection and identification of plant pathogens
    • Gene expression analysis
    • Real-time PCR in food research
    • Food safety
    • Genetically modified organism (GMO) quantification in food

    Bioline maintains a significant real-time PCR research and development facility based in London, the heart of the MedCity biocluster for life science, which includes the new Francis Crick Institute. Bioline maintains a significant real-time PCR research and development facility based in London, the heart of the MedCity biocluster for life science, which includes the new Francis Crick Institute.

    See our Your Partner for Plant Research microsite to learn about some of our best tools to enhance your plant research experiments, and download our Plant Research Solutions Guide.

    We will be showcasing our latest real-time PCR technological developments at the congress, including the new SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit, a fast, easy-to-use method of generating the highest quality cDNA for highly accurate real-time PCR results.

    Bioline will also be highlighting our industrial capabilities for custom manufacturing, including enzymes, buffer chemistries, dyes and internal controls for a wide range of applications from plant genotyping, agribiotech, pathogen testing and cancer research, to biomarkers and diagnostics research.

    Our friendly team of real-time PCR specialists will be on-hand at our exhibition booth throughout the event and glad to answer your queries and discuss your research requirements.

    For further details of speakers and topics, please see the Global Engage qPCR & Digital PCR Congress Agenda .

    We look forward to seeing you at the 2014 congress.

    Bioline: The PCR Company is 20!

    16 March 2012 No comments

    Bioline Celebrates 20 Years of Services to Life Science

    How time flies! It's 2012 and this year Bioline: The PCR Company celebrates its 20 year anniversary.

    The world has changed rapidly and dramatically since Bioline was first established in 1992 by Marco Calzavara, president of Bioline, but we are still manufacturing and supplying a range of consistently high-quality products to life science researchers and institutions around the world.

    From our base in London, UK, we have rapidly expanded to become a leading primary manufacturer and distributor of PCR enzymes and reagents for molecular biology; providing complete solutions to researchers in universities, major research institutions, hospitals, biotech firms, diagnostics and pharmaceutical firms and laboratories globally.

    Bioline’s products have been cited thousands of times in leading journals by researchers all over the world and, as part of our 20 year anniversary celebrations, we've started to document some of these publications in our Bioline Scholar Monthly series of blog posts.

    When asked about the milestone of two decades of service provision to life science, Marco Calzavara, founder and president of Bioline, commented:

    "Our aim at Bioline for the past 20 years has been to develop high-quality and reliable products that really make the difference, delivering consistent results time after time. I am excited and proud to continue Bioline´s great work as a cutting edge molecular biology company, ensuring that we maintain our outstanding reputation as a high-quality and reliable firm."

    Richard L. Eberly, Chief Commercial Officer of Meridian Bioscience, Inc., added:

    "Congratulations to the Bioline team on its 20th anniversary of successful operations throughout the world. We are enthusiastic about the success of the merger and impressed by the scientific capabilities of Bioline, as well as its well-deserved reputation for innovation and quality. We remain committed to expanding the rapidly growing portfolio of highly specialized molecular biology products from Bioline that enable the development of genomic tests utilized by researchers, clinical diagnostic laboratories, diagnostic test manufacturers and biotechnology companies."

    As part of the 20 year celebrations, we are running a monthly Mystery Prize Giveaway for the rest of 2012. Lucky customers will find a golden ticket hiding in their delivery, so keep a close look out when you receive your delivery because you may find one included with your next order!

    We'd like all our customers over the years to join in the celebrations and you can do so by visiting the special Bioline 20 Year Anniversary microsite, where we have a timeline showing the major milestones over the last 20 years and an exclusive interview with our president, as well as other Bioline employees. You can also keep up to date with all the latest 20 year anniversary news and updates by following @ThePCRCompany and @BiolineUSA on Twitter.

    It just remains to thank all our customers, both old and new alike, for your custom and we look forward to supplying you with more high-quality enzymes and reagents for the next 20 years!