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  • BIOLINE Introduces SensiFAST™ HRM Kit for Gene Mutations & SNP Analysis

    21 February 2012 No comments

    [caption id="attachment_394" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="SensiFAST HRM Kit - your first choice for HRM curve analysis"]SensiFAST HRM Kit, the first choice for HRM curve analysis

    Bioline is proud to announce the latest addition to its family of SensiFAST Real-Time PCR products.

    SensiFAST™ HRM Kit facilitates High Resolution Melt (HRM) curve analysis, enabling amplification and discrimination of even the most challenging sequence differences -such as class 4 SNPs- without sequence preference.

    SensiFAST HRM is designed to deliver fast, accurate detection of gene mutations and SNPs and provides reliable and highly reproducible data on all commonly used real-time PCR instruments, especially the new generation of fast-cyclers. SensiFAST HRM does not require expensive labelled oligonucleotide probes and offers a cost effective alternative to traditional probe based genotyping methods.

    Marco Calzavara, President of Bioline said:

    "I am delighted to announce the release of SensiFAST HRM as a new member of our real-time PCR-based SensiFAST family. This new kit will enable researchers to cost-effectively scan DNA from a variety of biological sample types to detect the smallest genetic variations among samples."

    For more information, please visit the SensiFAST™ HRM product page.