Time Estimation for Bacteria Growth

This calculator is used to evaluate the "prognosis" of bacterial growth. This is important for the preparation of chemical- or electro-competent cells and protein expression. This calculator may also be used for other organisms in the logarithmic stage of growth. It is possible to evaluate the precision of prognosis.

The mandatory fields are indicated with (*). For evaluation it is necessary to perform two measurements in two different time points.

The first measurement was days before at:
h* min* => OD1 =  *
The second measurement was today at:
h* min* => OD2 =  *

Bacterial culture will reach the indicated density

after days at:
        => ODf = *  

Or, after   since the second measurement.

Evaluation the precision of the prognosis.
only after evaluation of the growth time

Precision of the spectrophotometer: ±OD
Precision of the time measurement: ±t[min]
Precision of the evaluation: ±t[min]
±  *
±  *