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    Bioline gives you more ways to stay on top of your research. We regularly keep our community updated with content that is crucial to accelerate life science research. Watch our knowledgeable technical specialists carefully walk you through everything you need to know to begin using our products, or listen to customers sharing their own experiences of how to use our products to achieve great results. We feature everything you need to know for the novice and expert alike.

    Our complete range of videos includes technical seminars delivered by our team of experts, technical suggestions, a window in to our customers’ own experiences of Bioline products, latest Bioline news and an insight in to what it’s like to be part of the Bioline family.

    Dr Steve Hawkins Clinic episode One: limit of detection in qPCR

    Hint's Tips & Tricks. In this two-minute episode, Dr Hawkins delivers a few hints, tips and tricks for limit of detection in qPCR. The easiest way of determin...

    Genomeweb Webinar

    Nucleic Acid Tests for Accelerated Anti-Malarial Drug and Vaccine Discovery.

    Bioline; Vision & Values

    Unravelling DNA To Enable Your Discovery.

    Introduction; JetSeq™ DNA Library Preparation Kit

    An overview of the product benefits and a description of the product development path.

    SensiFAST™ Assay Performance

    Would you like to improve the performance of your qPCR assay? Our video shows the performance you can expect from SensiFAST.

    Introduction; The SensiFAST™ Product Family

    Would you like to improve the performance of your qPCR assay? Our video shows the performance you can expect from SensiFAST.

    MyTaq™ DNA Polymerase Performance

    Need to improve the performance of your PCR assays? Our video highlights the performance you can expect from MyTaq.

    Introduction; MyTaq™ DNA Polymerase Product Family

    An overview of MyTaq DNA Polymerase product portfolio, including kits for PCR, 1-step RT-PCR and direct PCR.

    Bioline Manufacturing Facility

    Take a quick tour of our Berlin site and see our impressive ISO 13485 manufacturing facilities.

    SensiFAST™ cDNA Synthesis Kit Customer Review

    Don Clarke from LA Biomed describes his experience of the SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit.

    ACCUZYME™ Mix Customer Review

    Kristina Marinak from the WVU Cancer Institute, discusses what she likes about Bioline ACCUZYME Mix for PCR and site-directed mutagenesis.

    MyTaq™ Blood-PCR Kit Customer Review

    Markus Zeller from AutoGenomics describes how he uses the MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit for multiplexing large fragments in whole blood and lysates.

    MIC Customer Review

    Christoph Zimmer tells of his experience using MIC, the world’s first Magnetic Induction qPCR Cycler.

    ISOLATE II RNA Micro Kit Customer Review

    Kelvin Tuong, Research Officer at Ian Frazer Lab, The Translational Research Institute (TRI), UQDI... Reviews ISOLATE II RNA Micro Kit, telling you why he chose it and why he will continue to use Bioline products.

    MyTaq™ DNA Polymerases Customer Review

    James and Josh from the School Of Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland talk about why they choose to use our MyTaq DNA Polymerases.

    SensiFAST™ Products Customer Review

    Daisy and Magda, both PhD researchers from Lens Research Lab at the University of Sydney are introduced to PCR and the SensiFAST product range.

    SensiFAST™ SYBR No-ROX One-Step Kit Customer Review

    Ritesh Jain from the University of Queensland reviews our SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX One-Step Kit and talks about how our products helped his research.

    SensiFAST™ cDNA Synthesis Kit Customer Review

    Brendan. S from University of Arizona: Arizona Biomedical Collaborative reviews Bioline SensiFAST™ cDNA Synthesis Kit

    MyTaq™ Plant-PCR Kit Workflow

    Dr. Steve Hawkins delivers a simple protocol for Direct Plant PCR using MyTaq™ Plant-PCR Kit.