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  • EPIK™ miRNA Select Assays

    Bioline offers an extensive list of individual human miRNAs, using the proprietary algorithm developed by MiRXES™ to maximize miRNA detection sensitivity, while minimizing non-specific interactions. The assays use SYBR® Green rather than a probe-based system for detection, allowing rapid amplification when required. The resulting real-time PCR assays enable detection of extremely low levels of miRNA with high specificity, allowing the discrimination between closely related miRNA sequences.
    All EPIK™ miRNA Select Assays have been validated using both synthetic miRNA templates and human total RNA. Typically the assays detect as few as 100 copies of template per RT reaction with excellent assay efficiency and linearity.

    • Increased sensitivity for limiting amounts of input sample
    • Improved specificity gives superior discrimination of even very closely related targets
    • Faster protocol for earlier results and increased throughput
    • A wide range of pre-validated assays available off-the-shelf
    • Custom assays designed and validated upon request
    • Conveniently formulated to minimize set-up time


    Discovering Circulating MicroRNA Biomarkers...

    Introduction to EPIK Panels

    Overview, features and benefits of the EPIK Panels

    “The experimental procedure of the EPIK™ miRNA Select Kit is very easy. Multiplex cDNA synthesis for 3 miRNA targets and 1 reference target is highly efficient and led to very stable and reproducible results in QRT-PCR.”

    Professor Dr. Peter Bugert, Institut für Transfusionsmedizin und Immunologie Mannheim, Germany