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Bioline offers reagents with the same technical specifications as our catalogue products but in larger, more convenient pack sizes. Furthermore we can supply both catalogue and custom products in bulk quantities. Our production facility is highly flexible, meaning that we are able to respond very quickly and can manufacture reagents in a very broad range of batch sizes, to meet your individual throughput requirements. Custom packaging is also available for when your individual reagent volume requirements necessitate novel product assembly.


Sourcing bulk quantities of product from Bioline offers:

  • Consistency: we provide bulk quantities as single batches to support you through the development of robust, reliable assays
  • Confidence: bulk quantities of a single batch enable multiple technicians to remove another potential source of variability
  • Convenience: Bioline offers a range of formats, volumes and packaging options to allow these to be used directly without any further processing
  • Value: bulk reagent volumes qualify for discounts as they take advantage of economies of scale in the manufacturing process