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Our complete portfolio of reagents, which can be customized to meet your individual assay performance specifications, encompasses NGS library preparation, qPCR, reverse transcription, RT‑qPCR and end‑point PCR.

  • JetSeq™ DNA Library Preparation Kits for NGS
  • SensiFAST™ qPCR Mix
  • SensiFAST™ Lyo‑Ready qPCR Mix
  • SensiFAST™ One‑Step RT‑qPCR Mix
  • SensiFAST™ Reverse Transcriptase
  • IMMOLASE™ Covalently‑Modified Hot‑Start DNA Polymerase
  • IZOPOL Isothermal DNA Polymerase
  • MyTaq™ PCR Mix
  • MyTaq™ One‑Step RT‑PCR Mix
  • Glycerol‑free Taq DNA Polymerase
  • High‑Concentration Taq DNA Polymerase
  • dU qPCR Mix (visualization dye & anti‑Taq antibody)
  • Nucleotides

If you have alternative requirements, our assay development capabilities mean that we are in a strong position to provide assistance. We maintain a full development pipeline of new products, meaning that our portfolio of custom reagents is evolving rapidly. We are willing to consider undertaking any development project.

Click here if you would like to discuss your product requirements, or any other needs you may have, with one of our experts.

Assay Format

Modifying the format of the assay can bring advantages in terms of delivery, storage, cost and even performance. Bioline has considerable experience of lyophilizing reagents to convert aqueous phase assays in to lyophilized, or lyo‑ready analogues that both meet the highest standards of performance and improve accessibility to end‑users. The advantages of lyophilization include:

  • Maximization of reagent quality and performance
  • Simplification of workflow
  • Provision of room temperature stability
  • Enabling incompatible reagents to co‑exist
  • Removal of water from the assay for increased sample volume
  • Reducing manufacturing and delivery costs
  • Streamlining product time to market
  • Improving storage capacity without increasing overheads

Bioline, together with our collaborators are able to lyophilize almost any reagents whilst achieving reproducibility, sensitivity and specificity of target assays.

Custom Portfolio

Download a short summary of our custom portfolio, the advantages of lyophilization and typical performance of a lyophilized assay.