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Bioline has 25 years of expertise in reagent manufacturing. Outsourcing your reagent manufacture to Bioline allows you to focus on other important issues such as new product development and continuous improvement. We can help you determine the target specifications for your product, including reproducibility, stability, batch size and format. Furthermore, we can shorten your product time‑to‑market and minimize your start‑up costs.


We manufacture over 300 off‑the‑shelf and custom reagents in our production facility, which is located near Berlin. Our Production team includes over 30 dedicated manufacturing scientists and technicians, as well as eight dedicated QC scientists. Our German facility employs state of the art equipment and is capable of small‑scale to multi‑liter volumes of reagent production. The capacity and flexibility of our production facility enables us to respond quickly to any throughput requirements.

Bioline understands the importance of adhering to high‑quality standards when manufacturing reagents; all manufacturing is performed in accordance with ISO 13485.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

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