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  • June 13, 2016
    Anne Testimonial

    I’m an Account Manager based out office in Australia. I actively promote our high quality products by engaging in discussions with our loyal and friendly customer network. My role has opened my professional network; being in contact with scientists within the academic, clinical and industrial sectors.

    I started as a research scientist working in the areas of Immunology and Molecular Biology. Working as an Account Manager is a new and exciting endeavour, which has allowed me to use my expertise and understanding of molecular biology to find the right solution to our customers' needs.

    I enjoy that no week is the same; holding morning teas, trade displays at conferences or paying regular visits to our customers. Having this constant contact with the scientific community means I am continually updated with the advancements in research and the latest technologies improving our progress of scientific research.

    For everything to proceed as efficiently as possible from point of contact with a customer to the sale, there is a lot of behind the scene action from my colleagues, without whom it wouldn’t be possible. I regularly communicate with my fellow account managers, sales director, marketing, technical, finance and office support staff. I’m quite fortunate to be in a position with continual support. You really do feel as if you’re part of a family network here at Bioline, whether it’s within our Australian team or if it’s during Skype chats with our colleagues overseas.

    It is great to be present at such an exciting time where a company is expanding their product portfolio. Bioline is entering into different markets of the life science industry with both quality and innovative products.

    As an Account Manager it is both gratifying and fulfilling when a customer has returned with a glowing review of a product you have discussed with them... or when they believe they’ve known you for 2 – 3 years plus!

    Anne Cooray, Account Manager

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