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  • July 9, 2015

    Bioline, The PCR Company, is proud to announce the worldwide release of the EPIK™ miRNA Panel Assays, developed for miRNA profiling of cancer samples, biofluids, and stem cells. The EPIK miRNA Panel Assays are the result of a collaboration between MiRXES in Singapore and Bioline.

    Using a novel approach developed by MiRXES, combinations of miRNA specific reverse transcriptase and hemi-nested real-time PCR primers have been designed to maximize miRNA detection sensitivity and specificity. The real-time PCR assays use SensiSMART™ with SYBR® Green to enable detection of extremely low levels of miRNA with high specificity, allowing the discrimination between closely related miRNA sequences. This highly reproducible, sensitive platform has been validated independently by molecular diagnostic and pharmaceutical laboratories and showed superior performance to existing commercial assays. The EPIK miRNA Panel Assays provide researchers with a convenient way to quickly analyze miRNAs that suggest a correlation with the dysregulations in various cancers, in maintenance, differentiation and reprogramming of stem cells and to look at circulating miRNAs that are regarded as a promising new class of biomarkers.

    Marco Calzavara, President of Bioline commented,

    "The release of the EPIK miRNA Panel Assays follows the release of the ISOLATE II miRNA, Plant miRNA, Biofluids RNA, RNA/DNA/Protein and FFPE RNA/DNA Kits earlier this year and shows the continued commitment of Bioline to produce high quality miRNA kits to help researchers with miRNA expression profiling and quantification and in biomarker discovery."

    EPIK™ miRNA Panel Assays confer high sensitivity, specificity and speed to the quantification of miRNAs and have been validated using both synthetic miRNA templates and human total RNA. Typically the assays detect as few as 100 copies of template per RT reaction with excellent assay efficiency and linearity to produce complete systems for miRNA profiling of cancer samples, biofluids and stem cells.

    • Increased sensitivity for limiting amounts of input sample
    • Improved specificity gives superior discrimination of even very closely related targets
    • Faster protocol for earlier results and increased throughput
    • Accurate quantification of low and high expressed targets in the same sample
    • Conveniently formulated to minimize set-up time

    Lihan Zhou, CTO of MiRXES, commented,

    “This exciting partnership combines our unique miRNA technology and Bioline’s vast experience in qPCR research tools to develop sensitive and robust assays to support the ever-growing community of miRNA researchers”.

    MiRXES is a spin-off from the Bioprocessing Technology Institute of the Agency of Science Technology And Research (A*STAR) and the National University of Singapore. MiRXES collaborates extensively with academic, clinical and industrial partners in advancing the science and application of miRNA.

    Watch an introduction to EPIK™ Panels.

    Find out more about Bioline EPIK™ miRNA Panel Assays

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