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    June 13, 2016
    Eric Woolf

    We Have a Winner! James McCord, Academic Regional Sales Manager and Michael Sullivan, Account Manager Visited Eric Woolf at Barrow Neurological Institute to congratulate and present him with an Apple Watch!

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    Anne Cooray, Account Manager - Bio

    June 13, 2016
    Anne Testimonial

    I’m an Account Manager based out office in Australia. I actively promote our high quality products by engaging in discussions with our loyal and friendly customer network. My role has opened my professional network; being in contact with scientists within the academic, clinical and industrial sectors.

    I started as a research scientist working in the areas of Immunology and Molecular Biology. Working as an Account Manager is a new and exciting endeavour, which has allowed me to use my expertise and understanding of molecular biology to find the right solution to our customers' needs.

    I enjoy that no week is the same; holding morning teas, trade displays at conferences or paying regular visits to our customers. Having this constant contact with the scientific community means I am continually updated with the advancements in research and the latest technologies improving our progress of scientific research.

    For everything to proceed as efficiently as possible from point of contact with a customer to the sale, there is a lot of behind the scene action from my colleagues, without whom it wouldn’t be possible. I regularly communicate with my fellow account managers, sales director, marketing, technical, finance and office support staff. I’m quite fortunate to be in a position with continual support. You really do feel as if you’re part of a family network here at Bioline, whether it’s within our Australian team or if it’s during Skype chats with our colleagues overseas.

    It is great to be present at such an exciting time where a company is expanding their product portfolio. Bioline is entering into different markets of the life science industry with both quality and innovative products.

    As an Account Manager it is both gratifying and fulfilling when a customer has returned with a glowing review of a product you have discussed with them... or when they believe they’ve known you for 2 – 3 years plus!

    Anne Cooray, Account Manager

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    Simon Taylor, Distributor Marketing Manager - Bio

    April 28, 2016

    “Working at Bioline as Distributor Marketing Manager involves travel all over Europe, Scandinavia and occasionally as far as California and Dubai, meeting many interesting people. A rewarding part of the role is becoming an extended part of our distributors business; discovering and planning how to assist with development and growth through the sales of Bioline product families, this has also allowed me to increase my knowledge of international sales, a wide range of cultures, molecular biology and the life science industry.  

    Operating so closely with distribution partners and our direct sales and marketing counterparts globally has given me a wealth of business development and marketing knowledge, following trends in technology, sales and markets globally. It is good to know that being in this industry contributes to strides forwards in terms of how we combat, diagnose and prevent disease, advance agricultural and environmental research and improve forensic techniques.”

    Simon Taylor, Distributor Marketing Manager

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    Customer Testimonial

    April 6, 2016

    Thank you Tiffany Kosch from James Cook University for your review of SensiFAST™ Probe No-ROX Kit


    "I performed a comparison of of Bioline's SensiFAST Probe No-ROX Kit (cat. BIO-86005) against several other qPCR master mixes. The Bioline product performed the best overall (i.e. better efficiency and sensitivity, lower cost). I have attached a graph of the Quantitation analysis from my trial run of this product. I have also been very impressed with Bioline customer service and really appreciate that they are willing to send free samples of most of their products."

    Andrew, QC Scientist - Bio

    March 17, 2016

    "I am currently one of the QC scientists here at the London site. The most important aspect of my job is to ensure that, through rigorous laboratory testing, all reagents produced meet our own strict quality criteria prior their release. This is to maintain our standing as a provider of quality specialised bio-research reagents that simplify, accelerate and improve life science research.

    I have been part of the team at Bioline for almost three years now and the time has flown by. I have seen many changes in this period, most of them have been quite an experience. However I have seen that the vast majority of these changes have directly improved our customer’s experiences; from the purchasing of our reagents to the development of new components used in the latest biomolecular techniques.

    We have a number of big challenges ahead, but we as a team here in Bioline UK and internationally will overcome them, improve and continue to grow. To be greatest you must do great things!

    Enough about me… I have work to do!"

    Andrew Galeeba-Mugyenzi, QC Scientist

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    Nikki Cohen our UK and International Biller

    February 3, 2016

    "I work as a UK and International Biller at Bioline. A part of my job role involves communicating with Sales Representatives and customers; advising on price queries and product information, as well as creating a communication link between the sales rep and the customers. This has allowed me to build my communication skills over the phone and in person, including my organisational and time management skills.

    Another part of what I do at Bioline is to create and process purchase orders for all the different companies who order Bioline products; I have had to learn new software for this role, this has allowed me to gain new skill and knowledge as a UK and International Biller, whilst strengthening my other skills.

    When I first came to Bioline, after meeting the team and seeing the offices, I knew this was where I wanted my career to be. The team is so diverse and everyone is so friendly and cultured; I have made many great long term friends and valued colleagues during my short time at Bioline.

    I'm looking forward to the new experiences and opportunities to come."

    Nikki Cohen, UK and International Biller

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    Follow Bioline on Google+

    January 22, 2016

    We are proud to announce we have launched a new Bioline #GooglePlus Profile! Check it out and follow us here...

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