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  • Most popular cDNA Synthesis

    • PCR Enzyme Selection Tool

      • Template Length
      • Hot-Start
      • Proofreading
      • High Processivity
      • Mixes
      Use our selection guide to choose the enzyme that suits your individual experiment.
    • SensiMix Real-Time PCR Selection Tool

      Use our selection table to identify the most suitable product for your real-time PCR instrument.
    • PCR Enzyme Guide

      PCR Enzyme Guide Download the PCR Enzyme Guide with detailed product descriptions of our new generation of highest performance DNA polymerases, including MyTaq™, MyFi™ and RANGER.
    • The MyTaq Range

      MyTaq™ is a new generation of very high performance PCR products, designed to deliver outstanding results on all templates, including complex genomic DNA templates...
    • Ultra-Pure dNTP Mix

      Convenient, pre-optimized and pre-mixed, why not add dNTPs to your order?