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Library Quantification

Accurate quantification of the number of amplifiable library molecules loading onto the flow cell is a critical step in the NGS workflow in obtaining high-quality read data. The JetSeq Library Quantification Kit provides all of the components, including JetSeq FAST SYBR® mix, primers and DNA standards of known concentration to allow quantification of library DNA.

  • Accurate - qPCR-based assay for quantification of only adapter-ligated library molecules, thereby enabling optimal flow cell loading for maximum data yield and quality.
  • Sensitive - reliable quantification of even low-yield libraries, ideal for both PCR and PCR-free library preparation methods
  • Fast - delivers accurate assay results in as little as 90 minutes, thereby reducing time to results.
  • Convenient - contains a series of six pre-diluted DNA standards for rapid, simple standard curve development.
  • Economical - contains sufficient reagents and standards to quantify eighteen individual libraries on separate plates.

Performance Data

<p><strong>Fig. 1 JetSeq Library Preparation workflow</strong></p>
             <p>The fast, one-tube JetSeq Library Preparation protocol offers the fastest turnaround time, with minimal cleanup steps reducing hands-on time and significantly reducing the total time required for preparation of library DNA.</p>

Introduction; JetSeq™ DNA Library Preparation Kit

Purification & Size Selection

JetSeq Clean is based on paramagnetic bead technology, designed for efficient purification of nucleic acid fragments as well as a single- or double-sided size selection of libraries following the fragmentation, ligation and PCR steps in the next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation workflow.

  • Precise - highly-reproducible selection of the user-defined fragment range
  • Efficient - excellent recovery of fragments and efficient removal of all contaminants
  • Flexible - highly effective clean-up from all types of fragmentation, ligation and PCR reactions
  • Fast - straightforward integration with automated liquid handling platforms
  • Robust - developed to withstand the rigours of the NGS workflow


JetSeq™ Clean